Monday, January 28, 2013


Well - I am sorry it has taken so long for me to jump back on the keyboard and pound out some thoughts.  I do think however the wait is well worth it as I believe this topic is absolutely a cornerstone to a successful program.  A recent tweet of mine set this whole thought process in motion.  The tweet mentioned one of my favorite quotes which is, "This program is bigger than any one of us, but this program is each of us."  This quote of course alludes to the concept of SHARED OWNERSHIP.

With age comes maturity, with maturity comes patience, with patience comes understanding.  With understanding comes the simple idea that you can't do things all by yourself!!! And even in those rare instances that you can - you can always achieve greater results when you trust another person to help you.

When you surround yourself with great energetic people who are excited to achieve success, and you give them responsibilities that are unique and specific to them, you must trust them to get the job done!  And when you follow this recipe, you will be amazed with the results.  The greatest benefit from this idea is more often than not, the people you have entrusted with tasks will work harder and longer to make you proud of them.  The worst thing a person can feel is disappointment when someone gives them an assignment and they let that person down.  So often a person will work harder and longer to ensure that they get it right so you will be appreciative of their efforts.  I have been on both sides of this equation and absolutely have seen the benefits.

Whether it is a coach, trainer, support staff, player, manager, etc....... When you step back and allow them the freedom to complete their job without hovering more often than not you won't be disappointed.  They will deliver and achieve results above and beyond what you could have hoped for - which only makes you look smarter, your job easier and your program, "BIGGER THAN ANY ONE OF YOU, BUT EACH OF YOU!"