Wednesday, August 29, 2012


In my last post, we spent some time talking about your preparation for the upcoming season.  Now we can begin to discuss expectations for your team.  There is no better time of the year to clearly set expectations for your team than at the very beginning.  Remember......everyone is 0-0 on the season and everyone has aspirations of having a "special season."  What are the key points you need to instill in August and September to ensure success in March?

  • BE A PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOURSELF (SELFLESSNESS) - Probably the most important concept to convey anytime you are working with any number of people.  30 years ago, this was understood and one of the main reasons one joined a team.  That mentality drastically changed with the popularity of SportsCenter, and the idea that self-promoting is important in team sports.  Whenever you can get team members to truly understand this concept, you are well on your way to reaping the benefits.
  • ENERGY, EFFORT, ENTHUSIASM ALL DAY, EVERY DAY - This has been a mantra for me since 1999 and it is still as valid and applicable today when setting the tone for your team. They MUST give EFFORT, ENERGY, and ENTHUSIASM in everything that they do in order for them to individually reach their potential and for your team to ultimately reach it's potential.  The beauty of EFFORT, ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM is they are 3 things individuals can directly control.  There are so many other outside influences at play every time we compete - isn't it nice to be able to really focus on the things WE can control?
  • RESPECT EVERYONES UNIQUE GIFTS AND TALENTS -  I spent some time talking about this in my last post.  It does no good to discover and develop you and your team's gifts and talents, if they aren't respected.  You must spend as much time cultivating this expectation in your program, as you do anything else.  As coaches, we constantly talk about the short comings of our student-athletes, don't forget about their uniqueness to your program and try to focus on that.
  • UNDERSTAND AND EMBRACE ROLE DEFINITION AND RECOGNITION -  Nobody does exactly the same job - nor should they!! You have a head coach, possibly an associate head coach and assistant coaches.  Each has a unique job description and should be constantly reminded of how different and important their role is in your program.  The same holds true with your players.  Some roles naturally appear, and some need constant attention to develop - but at the end of the day if you have players or staff members feeling like they are carbon copies of each other - you have a serious problem and are more than likely in for a long season.
Four simple statements to guide you and your team as you begin this incredible and exciting journey towards your ultimate goal.  These can't just be touched upon in your pre-season meeting then brushed aside never to be revisited.  Make them a constant theme to your season.  Revisit them often and you and your team will be in a great position to........"ENJOY YOUR SHOT!"

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